Spettekakebowl is resurrected!

On the 24th September 2016 an old, some say ancient, bloodbowl tournament is resurrected in Malmö.

Cost: 50 SEK

The locale is Spelenshus, located in the intersection of Nobelvägen and Sallerupsvägen.
Spelens hus
Nobelvägen 145 A

Get here:
Closest bus station is Ellstorp or Värnhem.
Take bus 3 from Malmö Central station.

We will be playing the same base rules as EurOpen/EuroBowl.
The competition is individual, not team based.

Lifted from Eurobowl website:
Basic Rules
Eurobowl and EurOpen are both played with the Competition Rules Pack including the rules for the three extra teams Slann, Underworld and Chaos Pact. We play according to the resurrection style of play. All coaches start each game with the same roster and skills they registered before the tournament.

Each coach build their team with a treasury consisting of 1,100,000 gold crowns.
Inducements are only available to tier 3 teams with the following restrictions. All tier 3 teams can buy 0-2 Star Players but must have at least 11 regular players before doing so. Goblins may buy 0-3 bribes and Halflings may buy 0-1 master chef.
All skills will be chosen before the tournament and will stay the same for all matches throughout the tournament. See the tier chart below for information on how many and which type of skills your selected team can choose. A coach may use some or all of the extra cash (tier 2 & 3) to buy skills. The rest is added to the team treasury and used towards building the team. Skills are priced as follows, 20K for a normal skill and 30K for a double skill.

Skill stacking or stat upgrades are not allowed for Spettekakebowl.

Tier 1
6 normal skills

Wood Elf, Undead, Lizardmen, Skaven, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf, Orcs, Dark Elf, Norse, Amazon

Tier 2
6 normal skills, 1 double skill and 20K extra cash

Chaos, Chaos Pact, Human, Khemri, Slann, Necromantic, High Elf, Elf, Nurgle

Tier 3
6 normal skills, 1 double skill and 50K extra cash

Underworld, Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Vampire

All coaches need to bring their own printed rosters for the event. At least one roster must be in English to show your opponent during games and check in at the venue.

Please send in your roster prior to attending the event. This will ensure that we can get everyone registered on time and make sure the event will run smoothly.
Send a copy of your roster to with the topic: Roster, NAF name, NAF number. if you do not have a Naf name or number use your real name.

Last day to enter is 2016-09-14 that is 10 days before.

The tournament schedule will be emailed later but will be set to 3 games.
09:00 - 09:15 Registration
09:30 - 12:00 Round 1
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 15:30 Round 2
16:00 - 18:30 Round 3

18:30 - ... Awards, etc!

The tournament results will be hosted on

The tournament is now NAF sanctioned!